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Integrated Plant Genetics, Inc. (IPG) is a development stage biotechnology company, in business to develop, produce and license new technologies for the purpose of horticultural, agricultural and forest tree improvement and disease control. The Company currently provides gene engineering services to industry through research contracts and also disease resistance genes and freedom-to-operate technologies, including plant transformation technologies and methods. We are currently developing 'generally recognized as safe' (GRAS) treatments and genetic technologies to make plants resistant to diseases for which they presently have little or no resistance or tolerance. IPG licenses its improved genetic traits ("genetic software"), methods and GRAS disease treatments to established plant nurseries and seed producers.

IPG is a graduate of Progress Corporate Park in Alachua, Florida. IPG is now located in north Gainesville, approximately 12 miles from the University of Florida campus. Tests of transgenic plants and of GRAS disease treatments is performed offsite at several federally- and State-approved locations.

IPG’s core technologies, DiseaseBlock, enabling plant transformation technologies and GRAS disease control treatments represent paradigm shifts in scientific thinking about methods to safely control plant diseases. Although traditional breeding methods have relied on plant resistance genes and natural resistance mechanisms, it is a fact that most plant resistance genes have been defeated by evolving pathogen populations. IPG's DiseaseBlock is non-toxic and does not directly kill bacterial plant pathogens such as citrus greening or canker, but rather blocks a mechanism by which bacterial pathogens defends themselves against host plant defenses. Some of these technologies are partly owned by the University of Florida and are exclusively available from IPG for sublicensing.

Our History: IPG is a Delaware C-Corporation, founded and incorporated by Dr. Dean Gabriel in 1998. The Company became a Sid Martin Biotechnology Development Institute (BDI) Licensee in Progress Corporate Park in 1998, and graduated from the BDI in July, 2009.

Grants and Awards: IPG has been awarded multiple federal grants to further develop transgenic plant technologies, including SBIR grant awards from USDA, NSF, and contracts from USDA's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) to develop citrus trees resistant to citrus greening.

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