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Disease Block®

The technical foundations of IPG's DiseaseBlock® and Freedom-to-Operate technologies consist of four patent applications (pending). The DiseaseBlock® technology provides resistance in transgenic geraniums against Xanthomonas pelargonii, causal agent of bacterial blight disease.

Artificial spray and "scissor clip" inoculation of 6,000,000 cfu/ml bacterial blight bacteria onto susceptible non-transgenic (left) and transgenic geraniums carrying IPG's DiseaseBlock® genes (right). Photos taken 4 weeks post-inoculation.

IPG's is currently developing transgenic plants that are resistant or immune to their primary bacterial disease problems. IPG's Disease Block® technology, which is co-owned by the University of Florida, is licensed to IPG and available for sublicense in specific plants. Initial demonstration projects for resistance to citrus canker disease, geranium wilt, tomato, potato and tobacco wilt, Pierce's Disease of grape and citrus greening are now underway.

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